Agri-Business Council of Oregon

American Seed Trade Association

Association of American Seed Control Officials (for list of a state’s regulatory requirements, click on that state, then Labeling & Distribution Information Survey)

Association of Official Seed Analysts/Society of Commercial Seed Technologists

ASTA Seed Innovation

Oregon Alfalfa Seed Commission

Oregon Clover Commission

Oregon Department of Agriculture-Market Access and Certification

Oregon Fine Fescue Commission

Oregon Ryegrass Growers Seed Commission

Oregon Seed Certification Service

Oregon Seed Council

Oregon Seed Growers League

Oregon State University Extension Service

OSU Seed Lab

Oregon Grass Seed Bargaining Association

Oregon Tall Fescue Commission

Oregon Women for Agriculture

Pacific Seed Association

Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance

Specialty Seed Growers of Western Oregon

Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association

Turfgrass Producers International

Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance

Washington State Department of Agriculture

Western Seed Association

Willamette Valley Specialty Seed Association