As a member of the Oregon Seed Association (OSA), you join a group dedicated to serving the interests of agricultural development within the Oregon seed trade. OSA focuses on serving its membership, the seed industry, and the state of Oregon by promoting education, fostering positive business practices, and advocating for the industry, the economy and the citizens of Oregon.

Members participate in direct advocacy efforts including meeting with legislators to educate them on the needs of the seed marketing industry, and actively engaging with lawmakers on bills that would affect the industry. OSA maintains a positive working relationship with state and local regulatory agencies and lawmakers.

OSA member companies also qualify for participation in the group’s life and AD&D insurance policy. Coverage extends to all employees of the member company.

Members can earn a one-time credit of 20 percent of a new member’s dues when recruiting a new member into the organization. The credit can be applied towards dues, sponsorship packages or registration at events. New members will receive prorated dues if joining mid-fiscal year.

Any person, firm, or corporation actively engaged in any business related to the purpose of this entity, maintaining high standards of business ethics, and agreeing to support and comply with the Bylaws of this Association, may become a member.

Membership consists of these main classes:

Active Members ($2,000/year)
Individuals, firms, or corporations regularly engaged in the wholesale interstate and/or international distribution of seeds for planting, excepting retailers selling seed exclusively in packets.

Associate Members ($350/year)
Individuals, firms, or corporations in any way engaged or connected with the seed industry or its allied branches, excepting those qualifying for Active or Affiliate membership.

Affiliate Members ($350/year)
Individuals, firms, or corporations who do not maintain an established place of business in the State of Oregon and are engaged in the distribution of seeds for planting, with the exception of retailers selling seed exclusively in packets.

If you are interested in becoming an OSA member, please fill out and return a copy of the Membership Application along with a check for membership dues. The board will review the application, and provide a recommendation to the membership at the next member meeting (held twice a year in January and June). Your check will not be cashed until the application is approved.

For more information, please review the OSA’s Bylaws. If you have any questions about becoming an OSA member, please contact Angie Smith, Executive Director, at 503-685-7555, or smith@pacwestcom.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.