• Spring Workshop & Professional Development Event


Day 1 Ticket (Tuesday Only)

$50 per person

  • Cost of Poor Quality Seed
  • Moisture Levels, Swathing, and Combining
  • Regrowth Hurdles in the Field
  • Examples of Seeds that Look Good But Are Not
  • Troubleshooting Combine Settings
  • Why Is My Cleanout So High? Examples of Weeds/Seeds That Are Problematic
  • Optical Sorters: Principles, Technolgoies and Applications

Day 2 Ticket (Wednesday Only)

$50 per person

  • Proper Sampling Techniques Sampling Practice
  • Dividing and Submitting Samples: Identifying and Building Reference Seed
  • Purity 101: I Dropped My Sample Off At The Lab, Now What?
  • Do Your Own Mill Checks

Day 3 Ticket (Thursday Only)

$50 per person

  • TZ 101 - Correlation to Germinations
  • Flourescence, the Other ‘F’ Word
  • Decoating Coated Seed
  • Interperting Reports of Analsysis
  • AOSA/Canada/ISTA: What’s the Difference, What Do I Ask For?
  • Special Testing Requests for Market Access

Day 4 Ticket (Friday Only)

$50 per person

  • Forklift Safety/Recertification
  • Blocking and Bracing
  • Forklift Rodeo

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