OSU 2014 Seed Quality Management Workshop

May 1-2
May 8-9

Seed quality is a powerful biological technology.Oregon is the world leader in grass seed supply. To maintain that edge, there is a continuous need to strengthen our seed quality management in each and every step of the system including: seed field management, seed conditioning, seed testing, seed storage, and distribution. Furthermore, the world is becoming more competitive, meaning that we have to compete successfully with high quality seeds.

For these reasons, the OSU Seed Laboratory continues to offer two-day workshops in Seed Quality Management. In 2014, the workshops will be on May 1-2, and May 8-9. If there is demand, an additional session (May 15-16) can be added. Only 20 participants are accepted in each group to maintain the hands-on approach.

These workshops are most useful for grass seed growers, seed conditioners, and seed dealers. However, others who are interested in seed quality management in general, can also join us. The instructors are: Dr. Adriel Garay, Dr. Sabry Elias, Dr. Andrew Hulting, Mr. Dennis Lundeen, manager of Seed Certification, and the team of seed testing specialists from the OSU Seed Laboratory.

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