OSA & OGSBA Legislative Bills


OSA’s bill has now been introduced in the 2019 session. SB 863 would require all seed producers and growers to obtain a license. It would also require all seed producers, growers and wholesalers to annually report seed varieties and amounts of seed produced, grown or purchased during the previous calendar year.

OGSBA has released 3 bills as well (below). OSA and its lobbyists are collaborating with OGSBA on data bill language that is agreeable to both groups. At this time, OSA does not support SB 864 and 866.

SB 864 provides that regulatory program negotiations for grass seed contracts need not be limited to establishment of seed price.

SB 865 instructs the State Department of Agriculture to adopt rules requiring seed dealers to report, for seed purchased, seed varieties, quality of seed and quantity of seed.

SB 866 requires seed dealers to carry bonds for seed purchased under seed production contracts.