The mission of the Oregon Seed Association is to represent and promote the interests and importance of the Oregon seed industry, fostering cooperation and communication among members, suppliers, customers and regulators throughout the STATE, the NATION, and the WORLD. To achieve its mission above, the Oregon Seed Association will…
  1. Represent and promote the Oregon seed industry, first within the STATE, then NATIONALLY, and finally to the WORLD.
  2. Promote the importance of the products and services members provide.
  3. Foster cooperation and facilitate mutually beneficial professional and personal relationships among our members, regulators, and association growers, suppliers, and customers, linking all seed crops, including grass, clover, grain, and specialty seeds.
  4. Actively engage with LOCAL, STATE, and NATIONAL governments and with other organizations on matters related to the seed industry.
  5. Provide timely, relevant information on developments that impact members, and initiate short term actions and long term plans when opportunities or threats are identified.
  6. Promote integrity in member business practices.