Friday Lunch:
All lunches include a mixed green salad with huckleberry vinaigrette, or house soup, artisan bread and butter, and chef’s dessert selection. Choose from:

STEAK: Garlic-rosemary marinated hangar steak with cabernet demi, roasted fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus

CHICKEN: Chicken sauteed with oven dried tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, spinach, arugula and roasted garlic cream served over penne pasta with shaved parmesan cheese

VEGETARIAN: Wild rice, orzo, and grilled vegetable-stuffed bell pepper with house made marinara

Saturday Golf Lunches:
Choose from:

TURKEY: Turkey and bacon sandwich on ciabatta bread, with butter lettuce, roma tomato and avocado cream cheese spread–includes orzo pasta salad, candy bar and bottled water

HAM: Honey ham sandwich on ciabatta bread, with smoked cheddar cheese, butter lettuce and roma tomato–includes fruit salad, cookie and bottled water

Saturday Dinner:
All dinners include salad or house soup, artisan bread and butter, and sorbet trio for dessert. Choose from:

BEEF: Beef tenderloin, cocoa nib crusted with wild mushroom demi glace, roasted fingerling potatoes and seasonal vegetables

PORK CHOP: Thick cut pork chop with caramel apple, roasted fennel, corn and chive mashed potato

VEGETARIAN: Vegetable Wellington with asparagus, portabella strudel with asiago, chevre and roasted tomato pesto

Saturday Child’s Dinner: (served during child care)
Choose from:

Chicken strips served with chips, fruit salad, cookie, and lemonade or milk

Macaroni and cheese served with fruit salad, cookie, and lemonade or milk