Chair: Doug Pickles, Lewis Seed Co.
Co-Chair: Debra Barnes, SiteOne Landscape Supply

Seed Coalition: The seed coalition has met four times since this group has been formed, in April, May, and June of 2019, and January of 2020. The coalition was formed to establish relationships and trust among industry partners and to find some common ground. Due to Covid-19, the group hasn’t been able to meet. The group will reconvene by video conference in August after harvest and the seed negotiations meetings.

OGSBA Negotiations: For those of you that were not a part of the negotiations, we wanted to give a quick update on what the planning committee has been doing and hopes of what it can do in the future. We have met with ODA & OGSBA on several occasions this spring to discuss the following:

  • Process of meetings during COVID lockdown
  • Procedures for all participants during virtual meetings
  • Discussion topics for data meeting
  • Data gathering organization from dealers
  • Processed requests from OGBSA to participating dealers
  • Communication with Ryan Tribbett & Angie Smith at Pac/West

As this is fledging committee, we have mainly focused on working with ODA on the negotiations this year and the ever changing process. I think we still had some kinks along the way in our communication with all dealers, but I was happy to see broader participation by new dealers this year. My hope in the future is that this committee will continue to work with ODA and OGSBA to delve into more of the definitions and reworking of the law.

As a reminder, OGSBA did request to meet later this fall for a post-harvest meeting. Once the date has been set, we will communicate to all participating dealers. If you would like to be included in these communications, please reach out the planning team members – Debra Barnes from SiteOne, Terri Burr from Pennington, Jonathan Kuenzi from Mt. View, Lucas Solis from Pure Seed, JP Olson from Proseeds, or Angie Smith at Pac/West.