DLF Group: Grass Seed Supplier for World Cup 2014 in Brazil

The preparations and construction for next year’s major soccer event in Brazil include choosing the right grass for the fields. The DLF Group has once again been chosen to supply grass seed for all of the World Cup stadiums and training facilities due to the success of the stadiums in South Africa, 2010 and DLF’s premium grass seed innovation and technology.

Innovative grass solutions for the ultimate playing surface
Billions of soccer enthusiasts will follow the major event in Brazil in June and July. The best national soccer teams in the world will do their utmost to perform with excellence on the natural sport surfaces, so the quality of the fields is critical.

The grass for the 12 World Cup stadiums is supplied to World Sports & Marketing and Green Leaf, the two Brazilian turf contractors who are currently renovating and/or rebuilding all the stadiums. CEO Roberto Gomide from World Sports & Marketing states, “The DLF grass for the World Cup has that unique technical quality and visible features that will create the ultimate playing surface needed for the World Cup in Brazil. I feel confident that the fields will be outstanding.”

Proven concept tested by specialists
The grass seed chosen for the World Cup 2014 has been tested thoroughly in Brazil by both international advisors as well as local sports grass specialists. The fields are generally Bermuda grass based, but due to the winter dormancy of Bermuda grass, the fields need to be reinforced with temperate sports turfgrass to provide the perfect playing surface during the tournament. To meet this requirement, the fields are overseeded with DLF’s top quality PhD® perennial ryegrass blend, a proven performer (often used for the US Superbowl).

Stadiums challenge the grass quality
The 12 stadiums hosting the World Cup are impressive, but the hard wear and the growth conditions put a lot of pressure on the stadium turf. These challenges are met by the durable turfgrass chosen for this major event. PhD® has been and will continue to be a proven performer under the special climate and intense wear conditions expected for the World Cup.

For more information contact: Rick Myers, VP Turf & Retail for DLF-IS at 1.800.445.2251.

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