Landmark Turf and Native Seed joins the Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf


August 23, 2017; Landmark Turf and Native Seed has joined the Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf. The A-LIST is proud to have Landmark join its ranks and help further promote sustainable turf nationally. As a leader in the reclamation, native and rangeland segments of the seed industry, Landmark brings a wealth of knowledge to the group and a history of promoting “green” products. This core competency helped set Landmark apart from other prospective new members the A-LIST had been evaluating.

“We are very excited to have Landmark on board. They have a great history marketing sustainable product and a stable of top-rated varieties,” said A-LIST Executive Director Jeremy Husen. “We didn’t want just any new member, we wanted the right new member.”

Landmark Turf and Native Seed, founded in 1996, has been on the cutting edge of change and has led the introduction of new genetics and production into new regions. Today, Landmark leads the global trend toward increased environmental responsibility. This sustainable movement, deeply rooted in its heritage, reinforces the Landmark belief that everyone must be good stewards of the environment. From production, to formulating, mixing and marketing, Landmark Turf & Native Seed provides industry leading agro-economic solutions.

“This is the right group for us to be a part of at the right time,” said Ray Brubaken, Landmark President. “The A-LIST has a good reputation and is interested in promoting great varieties. That suits us well.”

In addition to Landmark, the A-LIST members include DLF Pickseed, Mountain View Seeds and Lebanon Seaboard. These four members represent the leading producers, genetics and marketers of sustainable turfgrass varieties on the market today.

For more information on the A-LIST contact Jeremy Husen, A-LIST Executive Director ( or 541-760-3494)

The A-LIST is an independent, non-profit, industry initiative, fostering development of sustainable turfgrass varieties and related products that perform their function with less maintenance inputs, thus benefiting the environment. A-LIST monitors a voluntary evaluation program including metrics like water conservation, reduced fertility and traffic, heat, and drought stress tolerances, all with no fungicide or insecticide applications.  Products that meet the acceptance criteria can utilize the A-LIST Approved symbol in their marketing and receive the A-LIST Approved tag for use in packaging.